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Kathi and Don were friends for years, long before Don’s stroke. It was incredibly inspiring to see how she worked after his stroke to make sure his life was as engaged and vibrant as ever. From re-engineering his shirts to accommodate his medical equipment to finding a way to keep him connected to his business projects, she was indefatigable; and the spark in Don’s eyes made it clear he was not only delighted to be engaged in life, but adored Kathi for making it possible.

There were no guidebooks for Kathi to go by — she made it up as she went along. What she learned in the process is invaluable and I am delighted to see the Kathi Koll Foundation created to help pass along her wealth of knowledge. - Deborah Norville, Anchor - Inside Edition
The Kathi Koll Foundation touches others in an inspiring, uplifting and energizing way. I witnessed it firsthand through my long friendship with Kathi and Don as they so lovingly and actively addressed their own challenges. Through the Foundation’s admirable work, full and part-time caregivers are encouraged to enjoy their lives more fully despite whatever challenges they or their loved ones are facing. - Senator Bill Frist, MD, heart and lung transplant surgeon, former U.S. Senate Majority Leader, and Chairman of Aspire Palliative Health.
Through her journey of familial and personal experience, and with her commitment to educate, motivate and inspire, Kathi Koll inspiringly shares how she and her husband advanced positivity in the face of a life-altering stroke. - Amir Dan Rubin, President and CEO of Stanford University Hospital & Clinics
Just the very word “stroke” connotes a devastating lightening bolt. However, Kathi has taught many that a stroke is merely a challenge to be overcome, and can lead to a much deeper appreciation of life’s many blessings. Kathi’s passion and her tremendous empathy for individuals afflicted with stroke and its impact on caregivers is not only a source of tremendous inspiration, but provides valuable education and first‐hand insight into how individuals and families can cope with this life changing event. - Michael Brant-Zawadzki, MD, FACR, Executive Medical Director, Hoag Neurosciences Institute