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Kathi's Caregivers


The role of the caregiver can be one of the toughest jobs imaginable. That is one of the biggest lessons that Kathi Koll learned during her more than six years as a full-time family caregiver to her husband Don, who suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed from the neck down.

She cared for Don for more than six years before his passing in 2011. From learning how to resume a joy-filled life to figuring out the logistics of how to do it, she experienced the full spectrum of challenges that full or part-time caregivers face. Oftentimes, the burden can be acute, with some spouses being forced to go back to work or to work two jobs to pay the bills in addition to being a full or part-time caregiver.

Kathi started the Kathi’s Caregivers program to help ease the burden on struggling caregivers who are facing financial or other challenges while juggling their caregiving and family responsibilities. The program offers meaningful, short-term financial subsidies to help ease the struggling caregiver’s overall burden and improve their quality of life.

To be considered for the Kathi’s Caregivers program, the caregiver must be a full or part-time family caregiver and be able to demonstrate financial hardship. To apply, please download and fill out the below application. All applications are reviewed and considered in a timely manner.

Kathi's Caregivers Application Kathi's Caregivers Application (82 KB)

The Emergency Information Sheet may be downloaded for use by any caregiver.

Emergency Information Emergency Information (19 KB)