There were no guidebooks for Kathi to go by—she made it up as she went along. What she learned in the process is invaluable and I am delighted to see The Kathi Koll Foundation created to help pass along her wealth of knowledge.
Deborah Norville, Anchor | Inside Edition
Kathi Koll’s passion and spirit shine. Her story is a stellar example of a life fully lived despite devastating circumstances. You will love her and the way she makes us see the path through the caregiving to a fuller life of love and understanding.
Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker | Founder of Susan G. Komen
I believe we all need a mega-dose of whatever is in Kathi Koll’s emotional tool box.
Lucie Arnaz, Golden Globe-nominated | Emmy Award-winning actress
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As part of its work, The Kathi Koll Foundation offers a community outreach program to help educate and support family caregivers and their families as they navigate through the range of issues that care arise while caregiving.

Program topics include:

  • When you never thought it could happen to you
  • Living life after a medical challenge
  • The immense anxiety that accompanies a catastrophic health event
  • How to manage the expectations of loved ones
  • Adjusting to a “new normal”
  • Working toward new, simpler goals
  • How to improve a patient’s emotional care
  • Managing caregiver depression and guilt
  • Finding happiness and learning how to love life again

To learn more about having someone from The Kathi Koll Foundation come speak to your organization, please contact us.

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