This has been such a scare to me. The thought of losing my mom has been heavy on my heart and mind. I truly thank you for the services that the foundation awarded me. This was what I needed and more. I was able to get away from it all and breathe. I shopped. I was able to go to church. I had some time alone to reflect. I sometimes went back to bed—something I can rarely do these days. Most importantly I spent time with my two daughters and was able to regain myself.
Kathi’s Caregiver Doreen (cares for her 87-year old mother who has dementia, is blind, and has diabetes)
I feel less stressed and able to finally be able to focus on my own self-care thanks to this relief. I feel blessed! Thank you!
Kathi’s Caregiver Angela (cares for her 80-year old husband who has Alzheimer’s)