Kathi Koll Foundation - Angela Alvarez and Ruben Alvarez

Angela, 78, and her husband, Ruben, 80, had suffered an unexpected setback.

In a severe fall, Angela fractured her rib and also injured her elbow. The sole caregiver for her husband, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, Angela could no longer do the required work to care for him. The couple had to hire in-home assistance to provide for some of Ruben’s needs, and these additional medical bills threw off their finances.

The stress had become untenable when The Kathi Koll Foundation stepped in to provide a little light. The foundation paid off his remaining $256 medical bill and provided a $750 gift card to Costco, so that the couple’s regular expenses would be lessened for a few months.

Angela becomes emotional when she recalls these gifts. “I feel less stressed and able to finally be able to focus on my own self-care thanks to this relief,” she enthused. “I feel blessed! Thank you!”

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