When he was 13, Daniel was diagnosed with Henoch-Schonlein Purpura, a disorder that causes inflammation of the blood vessels in children, typically following an upper respiratory infection.

In 1 percent of affected children, kidney failure results. Daniel fell into that one percent. For two years, his mother and sole caregiver Sandra, a single mom with three other sons, took Daniel for dialysis as he awaited a kidney transplant.

On June 15, he received his new kidney and is now on the road to recovery, but the operation meant that Sandra’s time over the following month was occupied in caring for him as he recuperated. In addition, the advent of the coronavirus had caused secondary trauma for his family. Sandra, who cleans houses for a living, had lost many of her clients for months.

The situation came to a head in late June when she had no resources to pay her July rent. The Kathi Koll Foundation stepped in by providing $1,500 in rent plus a congratulatory set of balloons for Daniel.

It was very emotional,” Sandra said. “In July, when I really, really needed it, [the foundation’s gift] came. It happened right at the moment I most needed it.”

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