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For many caregivers, meeting a loved one’s basic needs can be a challenge.

For example, CindyLynn’s 70-year-old mother has had Alzheimer’s for over a decade. Each night, she struggles to get a good night’s sleep, a problem that has become worse over time because incontinence has damaged her mattress, creating both lumps and stains.

Money is tight because CindyLynn is her mother’s full-time caregiver and can’t work outside the home to earn money for a new mattress. With the coronavirus situation, these problems have been magnified, as no one in the family, including her daughter, can safely leave home. Other family live far away and can’t come to their aid.

So she reached out to the Kathi Koll Foundation for help. Soon a new mattress had been delivered along with sheets, a waterproof mattress pad, a new quilt, pillow covers and $725 in Target gift cards.

The combination was a bigger blessing than CindyLynn had hoped for. “Thank you for everything,” she said. “The gift cards were an added godsend especially during this time. I am so grateful to be able to take care of my mom” now.

Please consider making a donation to The Kathi Koll Foundation and helping make a difference in struggling caregivers’ lives. Thank you!