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With the change of seasons now upon us and school and work schedules resumed, many of us can start to feel stressed with everything that needs to get done.

Caregivers may feel left out simply by watching their friends make fall plans when they have to continue being a full-time caregiver.

As a former caregiver, I get it! It’s so easy to get overwhelmed or discouraged, and for those of us perfectionists, feeling like we have to do everything perfectly can only add to the stress!

I wanted to share a few tools that have helped me to de-stress over the years, many of which I still find useful today. They are:

1) Stay in the Present.

Yesterday has passed and tomorrow will come soon enough. When I start to think about all of the goals I need to reach it can be easy to get overwhelmed. I find that if I ‘stay where my feet are planted’ and mentally remain in the present day and moment, I can quickly unravel much of the stress and appreciate the gifts I have in my life.

2) Keep it Simple.

Some of the challenges I face are not as daunting as they feel, and truly, everything will be all right in the end. Reminding myself to keep it simple can help me untangle the mental snowballs I create.

3) Let it Go.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to just let it go. Oftentimes, letting an issue or question sit for a day will bring clarity to the problem while some aspect may sort itself out naturally.

Many Blessings,

Kathi Koll

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