Kathi’s Caregivers would like to share a couple of favorite stories of recipients who have received gifts from us in this first quarter of 2018.

Sometimes life’s little things are hard to manage.

For example, Jess Esquivel’s grandmother needed wheels and a basket for her walker, but the family couldn’t afford the $66 to buy them.A $299 bath transfer chair was also out of the question.

Then the Kathi Koll Foundation stepped in to make these needs a reality.

The wheels “help grandma safely navigate and turn in the bathroom—turning was a challenge,” Esquivel said. “The walker basket is a huge help for grandma keeping and transferring small items. The Tub Transfer is going to make getting grandma in and out of the tub so much safer.”

In addition, the family received a $1,000 Target gift card, which gladdened their hearts and made their burden a little lighter. The Esquivels are only one of a number of families already assisted this year by the Foundation.

These families, who have been struggling to provide for suffering family members, each received a large gift, ranging from $1,500 in Ralph’s and Target gift cards to specialty items like the bath chair.

Jose Aguirre and his parents were another of the families who the Foundation assisted. Both of his parents have dementia, and he exhausted his savings and retirement over the last three years caring for them.

As a full-time caregiver, he has little income. He is also only one person trying to care for two people with intense needs. It was impossible to watch both of them at all times, and his father in particular has a tendency to wander.

In order to keep him from disappearing one day, the family needed a driveway gate, and the estimate was $1,800, which was impossible to pay. So again, the Foundation provided funds to make the family secure.

For Aguirre, it was more than a blessing, He said, “I really, really appreciate the Foundation helping me in this. It really does make my life and my parents’ a bit easier. When dealing with dementia, every little bit is a big help. Thank you.”

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