A new year can be a time for both gratitude and remembrance, but also anticipation for what the coming months may bring and how we can make a difference.

At the Kathi Koll Foundation, the past year was a banner one in which we were able to provide more assistance to more caregivers than any year since our inception in 2014, and this was all due to our generous donors. These gifts helped brighten someone’s day, lighten a heart, and make a traumatic time a little easier. Please accept my heartfelt thanks.

When my late husband, Don, suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed from the neck down, the challenges faced by caregivers became a well-known part of my life. After his death almost seven years later, aiding fellow caregivers became a passion for me, so I formed the Foundation. Each year it has continued to evolve its services while staying focused on its mission—aiding caregivers who are struggling emotionally and financially. The Foundation has provided stressed caregivers with vital home appliances, furnishings, and supplies, such as wheelchairs. It has paid utility bills and rent to keep caregivers and their loved ones in their homes. In addition, for caregivers facing burnout and depression, it has come through with respite and rejuvenation. With these gifts, as well as the inspirational and educational blogs and community outreach, the Foundation has made a difference for struggling family caregivers.

In 2022, we plan to continue our mission and seek to expand our ability to help those in need. We look forward to the new year with both its challenges and opportunities. Thank you for everything you have done to help make a difference for caregivers, and please accept our hearty wishes for a Happy New Year. –Kathi



American Endowment Foundation

Richard & Gail Barrett

Leoma Berroteran

Philip & Shelley Belling

Allegra Bessolo

Lynn Booth

Nicholas M. & Diane E. Brown

Mary V. Buckingham

Steven & Blair Buster

Barbara Carvalho

David & Michelle Clark

Barbara Collins

Diane & Jim Connelly Family Foundation

CT Realty

Eva Marie Cummings

Justin Dart Family Foundation

Michael & Nettie Dart

John & Sharon Davies

Louise Davis

Natalie & Phil Davis

Sharon De Briere

Will & Elizabeth Doheny

Kathleen Duncan

Elise Ebbert

Greg & Donna Econn Family Foundation

Bill & Beth Esrey

Evening Star Foundation

Elisabeth Familian

Bill & Dottie Feeney

Steven & Bobbie Fowlkes Family DAF

Senator Bill Frist

Dorothy Cate & Thomas Frist Foundation

Richard Fyke

Barbara Guadino

Audrey & Martin Gruss Foundation

Cynthia Hall

Bill & Marcie Hammerstein

Kathy Hamilton

Hamilton Family Trust

Nancy Harahan

Dennis Hearst

Paul Hegness

Suzanne & Marc Homme

Amos & Barbara Hostetter

Phillip & Maureen Hosp

Joan Hotchkis

Hot Shots

Gary Hunt

Dean Jacks

Richard & Audrey Johnson

Jenny Jones

Fletcher Jones Motorcars

Ted Jones

Jennifer & Rick Keller

Sarah Keller

Sue & Neil Kelley

Harry Bronson Edith Knapp Foundation

Kathi Koll

The Koll Company

Martin & Julie Krupoff

Deborah Lanni

Rex & Judy Licklider

The Lucky Group

Nancy K. Lusk Trust

Cathy Manes

Paula McFarland

Alvin McMackin

Barbara & Ed Meserve

Mark & Colleen Mihelitch

O’Malley & Ann Miller Family Charitable Trust

Mary Milner

Michael & Susy Niven

Honorary William O’Neill

Sharon Peralta

David Pyle

Adam Pyska

Noel & Jeff Ris

Larry Rivkin

Anne Robinson

Judy Ryan

Mac Shattuck

Katie Shattuck

Mike & Gina Sheldon

Brooke & Chris Shepherdson

Sandi & Ron Simon

Paula Sloyer

Kevin P. Smith

Turner & Sandy Smith

John & Adrienne Sparks

Karen K. Sparks

Margaret & Bob Stelzl

Leslie Stevens

Cindy Suby

Karen & Thomas Talbot

Byron & Shannon Tarnutzer

Barbara Thornhill

Hale Thornhill Foundation

Donald & Robin Tippett

Susie & Ron Tomsic

The Tomsic Company

Rusty & Mary Lynn Turner

Jim & Julie Ann Ulcickas

Helen Volansky

Watty & Kimmy Watson

William T. White III Trust

Justin & Julie Wilson

Ray & Sandra Wirta

Bradley Workman

Alix Wright

Leoma Berroteran In Memory of Casimir Minarczik

Barbara Collins In Memory of Mary Later

Eva Marie Cummings In Memory of Dorothy Nielsen

Elisabeth Familian In Honor of Kathi Koll

Dean Jacks in Memory of Casimir Minarczik

Cathy Manes In Memory of Dorothy Nielsen

Paula McFarland in Memory of Dorothy Nielsen

Alvin McMackin In Memory of Dorothy Nielsen

Sharon Peralta In Memory of Dorothy Nielsen

Paula Sloyer in Memory of Dorothy Nielsen

Adrienne & John Sparks In Memory of Richard J. Carr

Watty Watson In Memory of DK

Julie & Justin Wilson In Memory of Betty & Joseph Giannini

Helen Volansky in Memory of Casimir Minarczik


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Image Credit: Jason Leung for Unsplash