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A Caregiver Story: Some Needed Relief

by: Kathi Koll on

For more than a decade, Kathy and her son, Matthew, 27, have worked to win his fight with leukemia. The battle has had some ups and downs, including periodic relapses and arduous stem cell transplantation in Seattle, far from their North Dakota home. Kathy has been his primary caregiver during the downturns that leave Matthew both vulnerable to infection and too weak to care for himself. He has required a non-working caregiver, which meant their financial situation became challenging, and then an unexpected $8,000 dental bill to replace Kathy’s cracked imp more

A Caregiver Story: The Gift of Heat

by: Kathi Koll on

Jody’s 85-year-old mother, Angelina, was literally dying from the cold in their home, but the family couldn’t afford a new heater. Both heaters in the house had broken around the same time, leaving only space heaters to provide warmth this past winter. They used space heaters and blankets to make do, but the cold was taxing Angelina’s heart. “It was freezing in the house, which caused her weak heart to beat faster” to maintain adequate body heat, Jody said. “Then she caught a cold, which caused her heart to beat even faster.” The strain eventually led Jody's more

A Caregiver Story: Sinking under bills

by: Kathi Koll on

For 22 years, Tony, 66, has struggled with Parkinson’s disease while his wife, Edna, 62, has been his primary caregiver. In addition, for most of those years, Edna had worked full-time, but three years ago, Tony’s ailment became so severe that he needed full-time care. Edna stepped in to provide it by reducing her paid work to part-time. However, this meant the couple’s income dropped precipitously, and since then, paying bills has often been a struggle. Over the holidays, the couple found themselves in a hole with multiple utility bills, and The Kathi Koll Foundation came to more