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A Caregiver Story: A Lack of Personal Time

by: Kathi Koll on

Last fall, Aminta’s husband, Jorge, had a heart attack, and two months later, he suffered a stroke. Since then, she has had no personal time. She’s been forced to miss her own medical appointments to care for him, and she desperately needed someone to occasionally take over the many tasks involved in his care, including bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting. She applied to The Kathi Koll Foundation for assistance and received $1,500 in respite hours. “The words ‘thank you’ just don’t seem to be enough to express my heartfelt appreciation,” Aminta said. “Self-care w more

A Caregiver Story: A Need for Respite

by: Kathi Koll on

Often, full-time caregivers have no time to care for themselves. This has been the case for Maria, 58, whose 80-year-old mother suffers from dementia. Maria’s income barely covers her bills, and for eight years, she has had no extra income to hire someone to take over so she could take a few days off or at least get a few hours of respite. Then she applied for a grant from The Kathi Koll Foundation and received $1,500 in respite hours. “I cannot begin to tell you how much this grant has meant to me,” Maria said. “The gift of this treasured grant allows me some rest e more